A Sustainable Marketing Plan


One Individual Assignment (a Sustainable Marketing Plan) will be used to assess this course.

Individual report: Part 1
Market and Product Assessment. 2500 words

This assignment will see you write a Sustainable Marketing Plan for a product/service of your choice. There are numerous marketing plan structures available and you are free to choose your preferred version considering the topic and aim of the report. You will submit the first part of the report as part 1 and then the completed report as part 2 (including an updated part one).

The aim of the report is to produce a Sustainable Marketing Plan describing how you will modify the product/service so that it conforms to the fundamental principles of the Circular Economy and it can therefore be asserted with confidence that the product/service is sustainable. You must choose a product that exists in the marketplace today.

Part 1:
In this section, you are expected to use a range data sources and frameworks to understand the Market for your old and new versions of the Product. You should also describe the current Product/Service (and relevant marketing mix details) in significant detail and highlight, with evidence, what needs to change and why. In part 2 you will present the changed version. There are a number of different footprint/input output assessment tools you can use).

Part 1 will be graded and you should make changes to this section before handing it in again as part of the full plan.
The product what I choose is Smartphone (iPhone) , feel free to change


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