a movie company ( like Netflix)

a movie company ( like Netflix)

two things must be included in this paper
1- Business model and revenue models

What is the primary function of your online presence (eg. eCommerce, lead generation, self-service/support, Content/Media portal etc)
A detailed explanation of the way(s) in which you will generate income for your business or organization. Remember, many businesses use a number of revenue models.
Explain where and how value is being created in your organization over the long-term.

2- Privacy, security and protection of intellectual property

Explain what the privacy concerns of your target markets are likely to be and how you will manage those concerns. Include a sample privacy policy.
Explain what the particular security concerns there will be for your revenue model(s) and how you will manage these concerns (eg. how will you protect your digital intellectual property?)

Professional/business writing style (third person, without grammatical and spelling errors)
Sources of information must be cited using the Harvard referencing style
Length: approx 16- 24 double spaced pages (excluding appendices and references), + a link to a web-site prepared by the group, + a demonstration of the web site by the group on the last day of class. Electronic submission of the study is fine, along with the link to the site

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