A League of Their Own" & "42"

A League of Their Own” & “42”

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Write a 3 page film review comparing the movies “A League of Their Own” (1992) and “42” (2013). The review will be evaluated in terms of four elements: a critical analysis of the films, references to social and historical contexts, references to film techniques used, and your writing skills. The paper should compare aspects of the films such as characterization and themes, and film techniques such as cinematography and editing. Do the directors seem to have the same approach to their general topic (i.e., expanding sport to include women and athletes of color)? How do their films get these points across? If the films were made in different eras, how is this reflected in the films? How is sport depicted as a part of the American Dream-scape in each? IVE ADDED THE ACTUAL FILM REVIEW REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CLASS IN THE FILE SECTION IF THAT HELPS MORE… IF YOU READ FULLY THROUGH IT THEN IT SHOULD BE PRETTY EASY TO UNDERSTAND If it helps my teacher also said “Rather than start with comparisons and narrative summary, a comparative essay should present a basic idea that summarizes the differences or similarities.”

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