A Hero of Our Time

A Hero of Our Time

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We have discussed several times the relationship between when things happen chronologically in A Hero of Our Time (its fabula as opposed to its siuzhet) and how one interprets the character and motivations of its protagonist, Pechorin. Now that you have finished the book, please do the following: (1) order its various parts chronologically (“Bela,” “Maxim Maximich,” “Taman,” “Princess Mary,” and “The Fatalist”); and (2) explain in a 500-word essay why you believe this is the appropriate order and, more importantly, how the order helps to explain Pechorin’s character and motivations. For instance, if you put one of his actions before another, he might be understood as having been naive at the time; if you put the same action after another, he might be understood as having become jaded or disillusioned.

Please do not use sources other than A Hero of Our Time. When you quote from the book, simply provide the page numbers (unless you are using a translation that is different from the one assigned for the course, in which case you will need to provide a full bibliographic citation for the book you are quoting from).

Be sure to check your work for accuracy, spelling, proper punctuation, and grammar. Save your work as a PDF and submit it through this site.

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