MBA Proposal

You are required to submit a research proposal. The content of the document produced by each student is required to cover specific areas and to be within specific maximum word lengths (marks allocation and lengths in brackets) as follows:-

Title and Introduction: form a clear title for the proposed research. Outline the background to the industry and/or company to be researched as well as the problem or issue identified for research. [10 marks 600 words]

Explain the Significance of and rationale for the proposed research. [5 marks 100 words] Research Questions: Construct the research questions to be addressed in the proposed research. [5 marks 100 words]

Research Objectives and Framework: State SMART research objectives to achieve your proposed research questions. Construct a proposed research model or conceptual framework to achieve the research objectives. [10 marks 100 words]

Literature Review: Using cited literature and other evidence sources, write your own critical review to complete a discussion of the contribution and discoveries made to extend your understanding of the research problem/issue. Make conclusions about the value of the literature review to your research topic and associated research questions. [35 marks 2000 words]

Research Methodology and Design: Propose a relevant research design with a detailed explanation of research methods, sampling and sample size, data types and sources of information and data collection methods. [15 marks 700 words]

Ethical Considerations: identify potential ethical challenges involved and initiatives proposed to prevent breach of research ethics. [5 marks 100 words]

Outcomes: State the expected outcomes from the research proposal [5 marks 100 words]

Timeline and Gantt chart: Construct a Gantt chart in weeks which includes the stages and mile stones of the research tasks and their respective time allocations. [5 marks 100 words]

References (protocols & formatting): Using the Harvard referencing system throughout, provide references and evidence sources and use appropriate academic protocol for the proposal [5 marks]

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