6 Thinking Hats Project

6 Thinking Hats Project

Assignment 1 (15%) Deadline: _______________________________
Community Proposal – Analyze and Recommend – Written

1. You will be assigned 1 community-related proposal.
The topic is:
The minimum salary any employer (companies and private individuals) in the UAE can give is 3,000 dirhams. Any new building development must contain at least 20% affordable social housing.

2. Analyze the proposal fully using the 6 thinking hats (using the template provided). Make sure you look at all stakeholders.

3. Use research in your project (white hat). You will need to include:
• A survey of at least 20 people (with link included), for example: you can use Monkeysurvey.Com
• At least 3 local sources (The National or Gulf News)
• References in APA format
• The finding of your survey.

4. Make a recommendation based on your analysis. Be sure to link your recommendation to the 6 thinking hats (using the template provided).
Assignment 1 – Community Proposal 15%

Introduction: Put on the blue hat and answer the following:

What is the proposal?
What is the current situation regarding this policy? Give a reason why this policy change or new policy is needed.

Facts, Information, Survey results
Feelings, emotions, intuition
Cautions, risks, dangers, problems
Positives, value, benefits
Creativity, possibilities, alternatives, new ideas
Put back on the blue hat and make recommendations.

Highlight your recommendation below.
Accept the Proposal
Accept the Proposal with some changes
Reject the Proposal

Explain your answer in detail (refer back to the six thinking hats).

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