6.4 TD Handout

6.4 TD Handout
6.4 TD-Handout
Following your 6.4 Assignment Guidelines, in 220- 225 words discuss the following statements:
a.“The significance of the concept of ‘leaving’ has been greatly underestimated today—even by many well-intentioned Christians,” and “Parents need to instill the importance of this concept in children when they are young.”

b. How can these statements be applied to marriage and family counseling today?

Since this is an academic course, please do not use emoticons and other “net-speak.”
The Unit 6 Handout introduces the student to the importance of the biblical concept of “leaving”
the family of origin in order to be able to begin another unique family that is “named after God.”
What God Has Joined Together expands on the concept of leaving and introduces the important
issue of differentiation in both the family of origin and the family of newly-weds. Men Are Like
Waffles; Women Are Like Spaghetti incorporates the principles of differentiation in the lives of
parents through the analogies of “Belgian basics” and “Pasta principles.” The Family lays a
strong foundation for biblical principles involved in stabling a strong marriage.
1. Comprehend the importance of the principle of leaving: Biblical marriage covenant is based on the leaving of the father and the mother—from the words, “shall a man leave father and mother.”
2. Reasonably discuss the following statements: “Parenting is a team sport. When you put your efforts together and invest your uniqueness into your child, he or she can run to win,” and discuss how these statements can be applied to marriage and family counseling today.

6.1a PDF: Unit 6 Handout – Leaving

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