4 short questions to be placed on a form. at least 150 words each and no format needed. your views to the questions, add on a bit to each one.

4 short questions to be placed on a form. at least 150 words each and no format needed. your views to the questions, add on a bit to each one.

1.Who can Dan find liable for payment Cathy, Bob or Alberta. According to, the (U.L.B) on the bill of exchange and promissory note terms stipulates that ” promissory is a promise to personally pay the payee rather ordering a third party to do so”. And, under the negotiability of a Bill or Note of Unconditional Promise or order to the pay stated that the promise or order to pay made in a bill or note cannot be conditioned upon the performance of some other obligations. Meaning that the bill or note is not payable to any other obligations other, than the original holder or maker to the payee. So, Dan cannot hold Alberta , nor Bob to the promissory note because of the terms stipulated by “without recourse” and Alberta is only liable to Bob by the original agreement of the note. If, Cathy Charles as negotiated an non-negotiable note to Dan for the value of the term is a fraudulent activity on Cathy part to endorse the note to Dan and herself making her responsible to Dan for the payment of the note. That Alberta has a right to file bankruptcy and to included all outstanding debt under common law regulations of her creditors, she owes outstanding balances too.

2.A promissory note is a two-party written document that is dated and signed containing an unconditional promise by the maker to pay a definite amount of money at a certain time or on demand to a payee (August, Mayer & Bixby, 2013). When Bob Bravura endorsed the note “without recourse” he made a qualified endorsement. This type of endorsement is the type in which the endorser, Bob Bravura, does not guarantee that the promissory note will be accepted and paid by the maker (August, Mayer & Bixby, 2013). This means that Bob Bravura is not liable on the note. When Cathy endorsed the promissory note with the special endorsement of “pay to Dan Delta”, the note was effectively passed to Dan Delta. Alberta now owes Dan the amount she had originally promised to Bob. Dan cannot hold Bob or Cathy liable, but may be able to hold Alberta liable. Under the Geneva Convention on the Unification of the Law Relating to Bills of Exchange, or ULB, anyone who acquires a note by negotiation is a holder who is entitled to payment from the maker (August, Mayer & Bixby, 2013).

3.I would consider that for the political incentives of taxation that the president proposal would be most appropriated of a “Worldwide tax System” which will provide a more neutral cap on global rate , than territorial tax gain where the U.S. is impacted by economically. Because the current deferral” international tax system is a more virtuous claim for prospector or companies aboard because of the monetary gain of exemption from taxation of the U.S. tax regulations. I would think from the current system toward foreign subsidiaries and domestic corporation that the taxation wouldn’t be so extensive to territorial tax rate , if its expanded across the global arena. Where the profitability of domestic and foreign capital wouldn’t imposed an bias perceptions within global sectors, where the impetus of democracy and equality are balance among the global market and capitalization rate. we have the same collective system among the social caps as economic classification , where taxation are imposed by economic status of earned income levels. The boarder concept of global is reformed of a larger arena as global and the per demi of interest should be lesser than the current rate of territorial.

4.The tax system that is most advantage to tax payers is the Baucus plan because U.S companies are encouraged to bring jobs back home, it encourages more foreign investment, and addresses the money that corporations already have earned that is setting in limbo (Nitti, 2013). The tax system I think is the best is somewhat territorial. I think that corporate taxes should be much lower to encourage investment in the United States and that any foreign income made should only be taxed in the country it is made in.

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