We can work on Counseling Professional Organizations

Research several counseling professional organizations, including the American Counseling Association (ACA), the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES), the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC). Choose two organizations to review in detail. In your essa , you should include the following information for each […]

We can work on Statesmanship and Ethics

Read all instructions and the grading rubric carefully before beginning your Statesmanship and Ethics Assignment. You are responsible for reading and understood these documents. This is a graduate-level research assignment designed to test your ability to conduct effective research, gain a nuanced understanding of complex concepts, synthesize the ideas reflected in your research with those […]

We can work on Behavioral Vs. Situational Approach To Leadership

Discuss the theories of the Trait Approach and the Skills Approach to Leadership. Please be sure to discuss Stogdill’s survey and the 10 traits associated with leadership and how they each might play a role in public safety leadership. Sample Solution Binge eating and Dissociation have common function of blocking negative effects. State dissociation appear […]

We can work on Developmental Case Study

Identify the children you plan to observe for your Developmental Case Study Identify two children from two different developmental levels (early childhood, middlechildhood, or adolescence) and two different families. Ensure that these children are aminimum of 3 years different in age so that you can observe different developmentallevels for your final assignment. Identify observation setting. […]

We can work on Quantitative Analysis Report: Descriptive Statistics Analysis

Perform data analysis assignments in which you will develop a report using tables and figures from the IBM SPSS® output file of your results, see attachment. This assignment uses the 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. The are as follows: eight demographic variables and then select ten (10) of the 71 questions and report the frequency […]

We can work on “great inventions” of the Constitution in action

When the nation’s founders wrote the Constitution in Philadelphia, they produced two great inventions: the separation of powers, which gave a substantialcheck on the executive branch to the courts; and federalism, which shared governmental power between the federal government and the states.Analyze two cases (one separation of powers, one federalism) that highlight these “great inventions” […]

We can work on Budget politics

Write a research paper on an advanced or deeper study of a topic: Budget politicsThe paper must be 7–10 pages in length, not including any tables, graphs, etc. A minimum of 6 accounting journal sources must be used, all of which have been published within the last 3 years. Current APA formatting is required.Within the […]

We can work on Social psychology explains and views culture

How social psychology explains and views culture1) Provide specific details with thoughtful content and analysis2) Use critical thinking and analysis3) Include specific examples such as specific situations and instances, especially from professional or personal areas to support general ideaNo sources required Sample Solution Section I: INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY Introduction The country is encountering a […]