We can work on Transforming nursing and healthcare through technology

  Discussions 1. Electronic health records (EHRs) are at the center stage of the effort to improve health care quality and control costs. In addition to allowing medical practitioners to access and record clinical documentation at much faster rates, EHRs are also positively influencing care delivery and nurse-patient interaction. Yet despite the potential benefits of EHRs, […]

We can work on Integrated Curriculum, STEAM Education

Integrated Curriculum, STEAM Education With people changing jobs and even jumping careers more regularly as compared to past generations, a really well-rounded educational background is critical. This means that students need the baseline skills to adapt to whatever their academic or professional careers demand of them. For this reason, there has been a pressing need […]

We can work on How much for help with homework

how much would it cost to do the following:   How can graphics and/or statistics be used to misrepresent data? Where have you seen this done?   What are the characteristics of a population for which it would be appropriate to use mean/median/mode? When would the characteristics of a population make them inappropriate to use? […]