Read the following case study: A major financial services company wishes to better understand its mortgage approval process. In particular, the company is interested in learning about the effects of good versus fair credit history, the size of the mortgage (less than $500,000 versus greater than $500,000), and the region of the United States (western […]

We can work on developing the near perfect interchange point – Assignment Help

Terminals and interchange points are seen as important features of any public transport system. a) Using some examples known to you, describe the terminal or interchange and highlight features that contribute to, or detract from, these being ‘good interchanges’. b) Discuss the measures that are essential or desirable for good interchange and the ways they […]

We can work on Independent Samples T-test Analysis

Identify an available peer reviewed research study that used an independent samples t-test statistical analysis found in the Touro Library within the topic of “Personality”. Please provide the corresponding APA format citation in your discussion post. Identify and briefly explain the levels (i.e. conditions) of the Independent Variable and the corresponding Dependent variable for the […]

We can work on True groundwater velocity

Groundwater flows from a well toward a river in a confined aquifer that is 20 meters thick (see picture). The hydraulic conductivity is 10-4m/s, the head at the well is 50m and the head at the river is 40m, the distance between the river and the well is 1km. Assume a porosity of 0.35, effective […]

We can work on Cloaked websites are used for a variety of reasons

Cloaked websites are used for a variety of reasons. Using only the content from Weeks/Modules 4 and 5, argue points around all the following questions:What are the main differences between cloaked websites and cloaked Facebook pages? State and fully explain the differences.What are the four indicators of a cloaked social networking identity? Use the study […]

We can work on Budgeting in Dept of Education – Assignment Help

The Federal Budget and how it gets made is a complex and lengthy process that has important implications for Federal and State agencies. Obviously, funding for each agency is going to affect that agency’s budget. Likewise, federal funding for social programs, education, and other programs such as disaster relief affects how states fund those programs […]

We can work on The Black Body

How would you articulate the bell hooks’s notion of “oppositional gaze” with the way the bodies are positionedin the films Alma no Olho (Zózimo Bulbul, 1973) and K’bela (Yasmin Thayná, 2018)? What would you sayabout the place of gender in the films? Sample Solution ong stance with regard to the third condition and called it […]

We can work on Classroom Behaviors

Disengaged students may exhibit different types of behaviors, including dissembling, evading, or rejecting. Use the questions to guide your responses. What behaviors have you observed in your classes?What are ways to differentiate the behaviors, and how can you begin to conquer them?Share some of the common behaviors like evading that your disengaged learner’s exhibit and […]

We can work on The world’s industrial nations professional employees

1.Today in most of the world’s industrial nations professional employees are expected to belong to a “996 Club” With competition so keen how do organizations balance balance employees personal life with business responsibilities. Sample Solution nually for most mothers of newborn or newly adopted children. This is one of the lowest levels of leave in […]

We can work on Leadership and Teams

It may sound intuitive, or commonplace, that the promotion of teams should be a prominent component of an organization’s strategic plan. However, when created and managed ineffectively, the utilization of teams can be met with indecision, incessant delays, conflict, dissention and eventually a dramatic loss in productivity. Compose an essay that address the following in […]

We can work on (Police Officer) Performance Appraisal

Create a short synopsis of an employee from your agency (no names). Share two areas of performancesthat are not meeting expectations. Be sure to use actual data, dates, locations, etc. It can be “made up” data. Create two goals (broad statements of needed accomplishments). Examples: Enhance DUI detectioncapabilities, Reduce Timeliness of Reports, Enhance Professional Appearance […]

We can work on Analyzing capital structure for the past fiscal year.

For the company that you selected, analyze their capital structure for the past fiscal year. Use Mergent Online in the UOP Library ( http://www.studentoffortune.com/question/2405923/Fin370-week-4#to obtain the 10K. Using the financial statements and the Management Discussion Statement, analyze the amount and character of the firm’s debt and equity. What is their debt to equity ratio? How […]

We can work on Brookfield 2001 and Mayr 1997

Read Brookfield 2001 and Mayr 1997, then respond in writing to the questions After reading Brookfield, you may get the feeling that he is attempting to serve as the “fitness police”. Try tosummarize his thoughts on how he would like us all to use the word and concept of fitness, and how he wouldlike us […]

We can work on Window Schedule

• Create ‘New PDF’ 11”x17”• Draw a simple building floor plan using Line tool• Use measurement tool to dimension all walls• Use Area tool to calculate square footage of the building• Draw one door and add hyperlink to a door product data from any website• Add the following markups on your drawing• Clouds, Text Box […]