We can work on The agenda-setting theory and the cumulative effects theory.

Please choose a theory and give a current example of this taking place in the media. Sample Solution Phone Number Portability: If any other company introduces any other plans which are cheaper or with more consumption allowance, customers change/port their phone numbers to other brands because of which Vodafone is losing its brand equity. RECOMMENDATIONS […]

We can work on Deliverable 3 – Tracking Platforms

You are currently an assistant to the national director of online marketing in the marketing department at Digital Market Makers, a national marketing firm with local offices across the nation.Next week there is a department meeting scheduled to review the current tracking tools being used, and what impact they have on measurement.InstructionsThe director, Rowan Jones, […]

We can work on The voice of the people

Background: For this essay, I want you to think about the narrative voices that you’ve read/heard speaking to a particular topic or theme.  Specifically, consider the ways that Literature opens up a space for people whose voices might not be heard otherwise.  For example, you may want to analyze the way various writers and speakers […]

We can work on Wikimart: Building a Russian Version of Amazon

Given the fragmented, rapidly growing nature of online retail space in the Russian-speaking world, how would you characterize the competition in this industry?Why was Wikimart able to secure financing during its early stages of growth? Put it differently, if you were an angel investor or private equity investor, what special qualities of Wikimart would attract […]

We can work on Policy brief

The paper is a POLICY BRIEF on the HOUSE BILL43 Please follow the guidelines of the PDF attachment and instructions below. IMPORTANT INFORMATION 1) Titlea.) No more than 12 words total b). Appearing at the top of the first page of the policy brief in some fashion  2) Executive Summarya.) Provided as the first paragraph […]