We can work on The Black Power Movement

Compare and contrast the Black Power Movement, the Zapatistas and the Chicano Movement as best as possible. Description Some questions to consider: Who are these movements? Describe the various aspects of these movements. What is it these movements are struggling for? What are their demands? What are their goals and some of their structural critiques? […]

We can work on Uncontroversial restriction on freedom of expression

A second relatively uncontroversial restriction on freedom of expression involves so-called “fighting words”. In the United States, the fighting words doctrine as a legal doctrine arises from the 1942 Supreme Court ruling in Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire. Walter Chaplinsky, one of several Jehovah’s Witnesses who had gathered in a New Hampshire town to proselytize on […]

We can work on Social Media and consumer engagement

Research Project Proposal Social Media and consumer engagement15BibliographyDolan Rebecca, Conduit Jodie, Frethey Bentham, Fahy John, Goodman Steve, (2019), Social mediaengagement behaviour, European Journal of Marketing, 6(2), pp.18-44.Dolan Rebecca, Conduit Jodie, Fahy John, Goodman Steve, (2017), ‘Social media: communicationstrategies, engagement and future research directions’, International Journal of Wine BusinessResearch, Vol. 29 Issue: 1, pp.2-19, Available at: […]

We can work on Social Identity Theory

Chapter 2 of a dissertation. Literature review on Social Identity Theory by Tajfel and Turner. Write a summary is which includes primary sources (highlighted). Sample Solution Talk about how various talks come to advise our more extensive understanding regarding youth. Adolescence is affected by a few central point including child rearing, society, history and culture. […]

We can work on Focus on a common practice of modern firms

Examples: advertising, price discrimination (b) Focus on a common feature of modern markets Examples: role of new technology, government regulation After choosing one of the two general approaches above, you should decide whether you want to do a case study, an empirical analysis, or a theoretical analysis within that general approach. (a) A Common Practice […]

We can work on Biological genetics.

1.where in a eukaryotic cell do you expect to find the enzyme RNA polymerase 2.you have a drug that block the activity of Primase. which of the following would be affected by this drug A. No effect, both strands would be syntesized normally B.synthesis of a complete leading strad C. synthesis of a complete lagging […]

We can work on External Environment

Answer the following questions using information from the case to support your answers:• What, if any, issues or factors is the firm facing in the broad environment?• What is the product or service? What function does it serve? What are the channels of distribution?• What is the industry size in units and dollars? How fast […]

We can work on Nursing care and patient satisfaction scores

With so much of a hospital’s reimbursement tied up with nursing care and patient satisfaction scores it surprises me when hospitals try to staff units with the bare minimum of nurses. When a nurse is spread too thin how are they expected to deliver quality care? How are nurses expected to care for our patient’s […]

We can work on Oil and Fuel Filtering Machines.

Submit a report file describing the actions/steps you have taken to manage and monitor your project(if you are doing your calculations in an Excel file. Sample Solution grounds that “Fa Cai” is to wish them a good karma and become rich. Other than that, Chinese culture likewise accepts that the apparition soul and perished progenitor […]

We can work on Looking out of your window

Write a short story about looking out of your window: What do you see? What is happening? You can set your story in the current time period, or in the past. This is a made up story, fiction, so there should be some action and drama. Your story must be between 250 to 500 words. […]

We can work on Being invited to a Fiesta

Write a short story about being invited to a Fiesta. Why are you going? Who invited you? What happens at the Fiesta? Your story must be between 250 to 500 words. This is fiction, NOT A TRUE STORY OR EVENT BUT A MADE UP STORY. Your story should have follow the story arc. A very […]

We can work on EC202 – Intermediate Microeconomics

EC202 – Intermediate Microeconomics  Instructions The essay must be typed, either double-spaced or one and one-half spaced, and use a font size no smaller than 12 pt. While there is no definitive page constraint, you are encouraged to practice economy of presentation. You need not type any graphical analysis used in support of your answer, […]

We can work on Scientific Revolution/Enlightenment

Description of the topic Important individuals and events related to the topic A comparison to another moment in history Impact of the topic on world history5 Impact of the topic on the modern day Sample Solution Although using influencers, celebrities and social media to advertise a brand is very popular and highly used in the […]