We can work on Any topic (writer’s choice)

1 The Cape of Good Hope, on the southern tip of South Africa, is on a major shipping route. Bartolomeu Dias, the first European to reach the Cape in 1488, named it the Cape of Storms. Since then, over 1,000 ships have sunk in these treacherous waters. There have been reports of many rogue waves. […]

We can work on States strategies

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize students with health reform strategies adopted by states. Students will select a state health policy reform innovation and describe the rationale, how it was adopted (e.g., federal waivers, passage by state legislature), the funding structure, and (to the extent statistical data are available) its impact. Students should […]

We can work on Washington VS. Du Bois

Description Your task is to issue your perspective on the greater debate suggested by Booker T Washington and WEB Du Bois. The question is which strategy would have worked better. You can find a line between the two, but that takes greater skill to argue. It is safer to try argue one side or the […]

We can work on project planning & execution

please read carefully !! Objectives This assignment examines the management of an individual project and as such will draw upon the skills, concepts and models we have discussed in the course to apply them in a real-world setting. The exercise is designed to illustrate the practical challenges involved in managing the project, including the evaluation […]


Crises can surface at any time and with little or no notice. Analyzing historical cases on successful and unsuccessful case studies can identify common threads that are useful for crisis management program improvement. This exercise will allow an opportunity to analyze a major crisis and the impact on a community, a nation or the world […]

We can work on Analyzing Quantitative Research

After reading Motivational Effects of Test Scores of Elementary Students (Brown & Walberg, 1993), in a one- to two-page paper, analyze and evaluate the article by answering the following questions. (Remember, you are analyzing the article. Just because this is the chosen study to work with does not mean it is excellent.) What are the […]

We can work on Civil Liberties/Civil Rights

Part 1: How does the U.S. Constitution protect the civil rights and civil liberties of Americans? When can or should the majority limit the civil liberties, such as free speech, of an unpopular/minority/fringe individual or group? Why? In addition to the use of your course materials (below), your response must include direct references, including citations, […]

We can work on Change and Innovation 5

ReadBridges, W. (2009). Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change Paperback. DaCapo Press. Philadelphia, PA. (Read entire book.) Review What is William Bridges Transition Model?  https://wmbridges.com/what-is-transition/ Managing Transitions at a Manufacturing Plant Bridges Transition Model (2016). https://www.adventureassoc.com/managing-transitions-at-a-manufacturing-plant/ ViewZuieback, S. (2013). Change and Transition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmj5XpKpcAs AssignmentAfter reading and viewing the assigned resources create a thread that […]

We can work on Anti-intellectualism,

Answer the following questions: What were the causes and what have been the effects of anti-intellectualism, both in the local church and culture at large, and what can be done to correct this unfortunate reality? Must be one page (single-spaced), font size 12 Source: Love Your God with All Your Mind Author: J. P. Moreland […]

We can work on Any topic (writer’s choice)

Discussion posts must be at least 250 words minimum. You should research your answer and cite at least one scholarly source when appropriate, and always use quality writing. –Please answer the following: A. Please reflect upon this dilemma: How should this country address the problem of the approximately 47 million uninsured or underinsured Americans?B. What […]

We can work on Strategies for Academic Portfolios

In the realm of marketing, a successful branding strategy is one of the most important contributors to organizational success. A solid branding strategy can help add visibility and credibility to a company’s products. Similarly, nurse-scholars can build a personal brand to add visibility and credibility to their work. You can begin building your brand by […]

We can work on Women History of US

3-4 pages, double spacedWrite about one topic from this course, as if you were trying to explain it to a student that did not take this course. Make sure this topic is not too broad. The format is still a formal essay, with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use 2-3 readings from class […]

We can work on Rhetorical persuasive argument

Disneyland park costs are continually rising. With an entrance fee at 150 per ticket for one park, and 25 for parking, a family of four can easily spend over 1000 for one day at the at the happiest place on earth. In spite of this, people are still willing to flock to the Disney parks […]

We can work on The IMF and World Bank

1) MAIN DISCUSSION: READ AND COMPLETE ALL THREE SECTIONS A, B, and C. The IMF and World Bank are the world’s two leading lending institutions, but much of their monetary assistance disappears once it enters the banking systems of developing countries. A) Discuss information from the Webtext chapter reading and lecture that presents evidence that […]

We can work on Creating Anglo-America

What were the causes and effects of the 1676 Bacon Rebellion in Virginia?Be sure to base your posting on concrete examples, specific details, and quotes from the text and documents. Sample Solution Pharmaceutical nanocarriers, that are assigned as NPDDS, can be ordered in various ways, which are as indicated by the crude materials, physicochemical qualities […]

We can work on Data and sampling

What is data? What is sampling? Explain the importance of sampling from a managerial perspective. Provide examples Sample Solution h prominence as a gastric safe polymer. Later polyvinyl acetic acid derivation phthalate (PVAP) and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose phthalate (HPMCP) were liked, on account of their lower porousness in the gastric liquid and improved security against hydrolysis. […]

We can work on Small mistakes are the stepping stones to large failures

Small mistakes are the stepping stones to large failures. How might this saying apply to this lesson, and do you agree? In your responses, provide an example of a real-life seemingly small mistake with large consequences. By real-life, I mean a situation that actually happened, not a theoretical one. Sample Solution olecularly scattered in the […]

We can work on Consumers, on the whole, receive more benefit than the risk from marketers

Do you believe that consumers, on the whole, receive more benefit than the risk from marketers knowing their personal information? Why or why not? Sample Solution e are normal cellulose artificially changed to create somewhat methyl ethers, 2-hydroxy propyl ethers and phthalyl esters. HPMCP is produced by esterification of hypromellose with phthalic anhydride. The degree […]