We can work on Week 2 Practice Worksheet

Week 2 Practice Worksheet  Provide a response to the following prompts.   1. The Wilcox & Keselman (2003) article from this week’s electronic readings discusses two problems with measures of central tendency: skewness of the data and outliers. Discuss each of these issues and how they affect measures of central tendency.   2. How do […]

We can work on Management and presentation project

Develop management competency framework and describe that in an aging services setting/ context. Student will consider and research the knowledge, skills and abilities to begin an effective aging services manager. Students will develop this framework to include: Their own core competencies Detail and design principles of a competency framework for example: how do you connect […]

We can work on REL212 WORLD VIEW CHART

REL212 WORLD VIEW CHART This chart contains all the research you need to write the final paper for this course. If you do the research and reading on the religion(s) we study each week, and if you give yourself a good guide to the religions using this chart, you will have a good foundation for […]

We can work on POLS101 American Government Class

After watching the PBS documentary Cheney’s Law in class today, please answer the following questions in a three (3) page typewritten paper.   What events during the Ford, Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations shaped Dick Cheney’s views of executive branch powers?   David Addington and Dick Cheney have worked together for two decades  and […]


Write about the fraud triangle, and accounting issues for Koss Company Case. The writer doesn’t need to write.This is not the full paper. | will attached the PPT and also my note on that section for the writer, please write the paper follow that because | already did a presentation on that and | need […]

We can work on Social Judgment Theory

Social Judgment Theory Social judgment supposition is a self-influential premise that examines the perception and evaluates an idea through weighing it against contemporary positions. Therefore, social judgment theory is a scheme that ventures into human judgment. The premise of the theory depicts that attitude change can occur as a result of a persuasive message. The […]

We can work on Political Spectrum Writing Assignment

Political Spectrum Writing Assignment   Read the article by Timothy Ferris, “Conservative is not opposite Liberal, That’s Totalitarianism”. Link is attached here:  ferris.PDF   Using the book and the internet, identify a one-dimensional political spectrum.   Draw a one-dimensional political spectrum and include the following: Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Tea Party/Reform Party, Progressives/Liberals, Conservatives, […]

We can work on PS 1010 American Government

PS 1010 American Government   For the following assignment, you are asked to reflect on the concepts you have learned in this unit. At the beginning of the unit, you learned about the bureaucracy, its structure, and how it works or does not work. Following that, you learned about the judiciary, its structure, and how […]

We can work on Comparative Religious Cultures paper

Watch Bruce Feller’s PBS “Sacred Journey episode on the Osun-Osogbo native religion in Nigeria and the clip from the Macumba ritual in the film “Black Orpheus.” https://vimeo.com/163696391 Do you feel in your belief system that it is better to convert peoples like these from other religious traditions to your own or to appreciate them more […]

We can work on Psychology Week 3 Additional Worksheet

Provide a response to the following prompts.   Note: Each team member should compute the following questions and submit them to the Learning Team forum. The team should then discuss each team member’s answers to ascertain the correct answer for each question. Once your team has answered all the questions, submit a finalized team worksheet. […]

We can work on Aviation Maintenance Safety

Weakest Link in Aviation Maintenance Safety Since time immemorial, air transport been considered as the most convenient and secure means of transportation. The recent blow to the industry has been the increasing cases of plane crashes which has necessitated experts to examine the root cause of these accidents and develop effective solutions to reduce these […]

We can work on Analyze how Amazon has implemented a corporate strategy

For this essay, analyze how Amazon has implemented a corporate strategy or a future policy rollout. Consider strategy development, and the implementation phase. In your essay, address the following questions. · What are the stages of a corporation’s life cycle? How can a corporation’s life cycle be extended? What stage is your company in? · […]

We can work on Communication miscues

Post a response to Communication Miscues #1 and 2 pg 484 in a single post. Follow up on other group members’ posts by suggesting additional ways the student could prepare for the situation described in #2. You’ve researched your topic, analyzed your audience, prepared a compelling message, crafted eye catching visuals, and practiced until you’re […]

We can work on Interviewing minors who have been abused

To prepare for this Assignment: Review the Learning Resources for this week, especially in the topic you selected. Choose an issue such as one of the following that is related to the topic you selected. You may focus on an issue not listed here that is related to minors in the legal system. • “Interviewing […]

We can work on Christianity 2

A world view is a fundamental or basic orientation of thinking — like a mindset — which guides a culture and / or a person’s life. Like a point of view, it can be built of concepts, ideas, values, emotions, and ethics. “Weltanschauung” is the German word for this idea. Your goal for this course […]

We can work on Islamic Monolithic

Is Islam monolithic or is there room for individuality, changes, and differences within the religion? Like many religions, Islam has a number of branches with different interpretations of the faith. And what about that very topical question, the role of women in Islam? Sample Solution someone else is making the choice for them. Battin claims […]

We can work on Anatomy and Physiology

Investigation of the skeletal system and nervous system. Demonstrate an understanding and application of the skeletal system and carry out an investigation of the skeletal system. Considering the following in detail, Describe the functions of the skeletal system. Describe the composition of bone to include: • Compact bone tissue • Cancellous bone tissue Identify and […]

We can work on Outliers

We know that many types of data fall into a normal distribution, with most of the observations falling toward the middle. However, sometimes there are outliers, or data points that are very different (i.e., larger or smaller) from the others in the sample. An example from psychology would be Mensa, which requires 98th percentile on […]

We can work on MGMT 4020

MGMT 4020 Posted on April 15, 2019 Updated on April 15, 2019 What does a company’s strategy consist of? What is key to strategy success? Strategies have a better chance of succeeding when ______ happen. A company achieves a competitive advantage when it _______? Difference between focused differentiation, best cost provider, low cost, focused low […]

We can work on Ethics and the protection of assets

Read: “What Security Executives Should Know about Ethics.” 1A. Explain why security directors must have a keen understanding of the role ethics plays in an organization’s plan to protect assets. 1 B. Search the internet and find an example a ethical challenge that has confronted a security director. Discuss that challenge and the results. EXERCISE […]

We can work on Tourism Policy in Turkey

Tourism Policy in Turkey Posted on April 15, 2019 Updated on April 15, 2019 1. Tourism Policy in Turkey URL: http://www.turizm.net/economy/touris~1.htm Background Information:  In 1983, the government of Turkey amended its tourism policy to encourage Turkish and foreign investment companies to participate more effectively in the development of Turkey’s tourism sector. Questions: Compare the Turkish tourism […]

We can work on Travel Advisories

Travel Advisories Posted on April 15, 2019 Updated on April 15, 2019 Read Article: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories.html/ 1. Travel Advisories After reviewing the US State Department travel advisories, what are your thoughts on this site? Is this a useful place to help you determine where and how to travel? What impact could a travel advisory have on […]

We can work on The Activity Community/public health nurses

The Activity Community/public health nurses must be knowledgeable of the mandatory reporting requirements of certain infectious diseases and be able to communicate in layperson terms about how to prevent the spread of disease. Infectious diseases can spread in a matter of hours rather than days or months. Diseases such as measles, pertussis, and tuberculosis have […]

We can work on Module 2

Module 2 Posted on April 15, 2019 Updated on April 15, 2019 Using the Internet, find an example of major company that is currently facing problems (or has faced problems in the last 12 months) in one or more markets around the world due to one or more of its corporate policies (privacy, intellectual property, […]