We can work on HIS118 Class

HIS118 Class  Essay I: Grief & Grieving: Gilgamesh & Achilles 1) In order to write a successful essay, you need to go over the following materials: • Your class notes • All segments from Homer’s Iliad that pertain to grief and grieving, especially to Achilles’s grief for Patroclus’s death (on Blackboard). • The Powerpoint on […]

We can work on Nutrition: A Path To Health Or Chronic Disease

Nutrition: A Path To Health Or Chronic Disease 1.) In this discussion assignment, you discuss with the other members of your assigned Discussion Group your experiences taking this week’s “Build Your Proficiency” Diagnostic.    Post a 150-word response to the following Discussion Prompts by Day 3 in the discussion area below:   How did you […]

We can work on Writing Assignment & Discussion

Overview You will hike in teams of 5 (with a possible 6th – an Observer). Each climber has unique goals as well as the common goal of avoiding rescue. You have 6 days –one round per day– to reach the summit. Although you are hiking together, everyone submits their own hiking decisions each round. You […]

We can work on Variable

1. U.S. businesses are listed by size: small, medium, and large. Explain why business size is an example of an ordinal-scaled variable. 2. For each of the following variables, determine whether the variable is categorical or numerical and determine its measurement scale. If the variable is numerical, determine whether the variable is discrete or continuous. […]

We can work on Healthcare Financial Management 6 Assignment

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements The Break-Even Equation and Profit Calculation Submit written responses to these questions. What are the formulas for: The basis break-even equation The basis breakeven equation expanded to include indirect costs and desired profit? Explain the relationship between step-five costs and the relevant range. Based on the product margin, when […]

We can work on Choose a condition from the Australian national notifiable diseases register –

Choose a condition from the Australian national notifiable diseases register – http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/drafting.nsf/Content/cda-surveil-nndss-casedefs-distype.htm. This could be a bloodborne disease, gastro disease, STI, vaccine preventable disease, etc. Make sure the condition is not too rare or too complicated because the information will be limited. Explore the available information, including current research of the chosen condition. In your […]