The earth’s resources

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1) The Earth is our home and we depend upon it to sustain not only our own lives, but those of other organisms on which we depend. Based on what you have seen in the movies HOME and SURVIVING PROGRESS and read in the Erhlichs’ paper, do you believe that we have been good stewards of the Earth’s resources? Why or why not?

2) Have you been a good steward of the Earth’s resources? Are you mindful of the amount of water you use, the amount of garbage you create, the amount of e-waste you produce? The amount of food you waste? The modes of travel you use? Why or why not?

3) Do you believe that developed countries have a duty to help developing countries avoid the same kinds of pollution problems that they have already encountered and if so, how would you go about convincing businesses and politicians to do so?

4) Have you considered what a growing population of humans on Earth will do to ecosystems and resources we currently have? (The Ehrlichs have done so and have presented their opinions in the linked article.) Do you agree with the Erhlichs’ point of view of what is likely to happen as Earth’s population grows? Why or why not?

5) What do you believe the future holds for you and your children in terms of the environment and resources on which you will depend? If you are concerned about environmental degradation, what actions are you likely to take?

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