information systems and security custom essay

Research the importance of information systems and information security in the work environment. Use resources
published within the last five years. USE the University Library and the course material.
Write a 700to
summary of your research findings using Microsoft® Word®Template. Include the following in
your summary using the features of Microsoft Word:
Headers, footers, and page numbers
Watermark document as “Draft”
A Microsoft® Word® memo template this
is an important feature of this assignment
A minimum of two styles
An image
Either a bulleted or numbered list
APA: No need to include a title page for this paper. Do not write in first or second person (see page 10 of the APA Sample
Paper). Include at least 2 APA formatted references and citations (read page 45
of APA Sample Paper and see the
reference examples in the appendix of the APA Sample Paper).



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