paper on macroeconomics (including statistics/econometrics) custom essay

You are supposed to choose a country that has experienced a crisis and propose macroeconomic policy to solve it. You need to present macroeconomic data that shows how the crisis has affected key macroeconomic variables and to present this situation within theoretical framework. Based on this you should show expected results of prescribed policy.

You should choose one country that has experienced economic crisis (in the period of 2005-2014) and design macroeconomic policy that would help bring about the recovery. In your analysis you should include:
1.Short description of the causes and nature of the crisis; (5%)
2.Theoretical framework for analyzing the situation (IS-LM-BP, AS-AD);(35%)
3.Methodology: descriptive statistics/basic econometric modeling; usage of Hodric-Prescott filter in order to identify period of crisis;(30%)
4.Description of the policy and expected results;(20%)
5.Short Summary;(7%)
Paper should have 3000-4000 words, excluding graphs.



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