1. Do you think your privacy should be safeguarded through government channels Essay Dissertation Help

1. Do you think your privacy should be safeguarded through government channels? Do you trust firms to self-regulate their use of data? What can you as consumers do to better protect yourselves?
1. Think about the amount of data that is collected about you every day. List a few examples of various technologies and information systems you engage with and the organizations that use these technologies, systems, and services to learn more about you (Amazon? Gaming online? Facebook? Etc.). Does this information serve you better as a consumer? What, if any, concerns does broad data collection leave you with?

2. Do any of the products that you use leverage artificial intelligence? What kinds of AI might be used in Netflix’s movie recommendation system, Apple’s iTunes Genius playlist builder, or Amazon’s Web site personalization? What kind of AI might help a physician make a diagnosis or help an engineer configure a complicated product in the field?

3. Please note that section 15.2 in the book provides an overview of database design; I teach another course on JUST THAT topic—so an entire college course and more is required to master these concepts. Further, entire companies are created to develop, sell, and support database software. In this discussion, list any database software that you have used personally. Discuss why you chose the database management system you chose (or why you think your employer chose it). What is your assessment of the effectiveness of this database software for the job you use it for? IF you have never personally used database management software, research online to locate a database software product and report what the product is designed to do and what programming language it is dependent on. (For example, CCV uses ManageEngine Service Desk Plus for IT support requests—you can access it by clicking the help icon—very top right of the Portal landing page, under the tiny question mark icon.) Research a similar product or a BIG data product.

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