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1) How do you react to Priam’s actions when he confronts Achilles…is he brave, cowardly (and give some reasons for your opinions)? Consider not only what he does and asks for, but why he does it. And in turn, how do you react to Achilles here (in both his actions towards Hector’s body and towards the Trojan king)?

2) Why does Homer end the epic with Hector’s death? The myth – well known to Homer and his audience – continues with the Greeks breaching Troy’s walls by use of the famous Trojan Horse, Troy’s destruction, and even Achilles’ death, but Homer chooses not to go into those plot points, instead focusing on the prince’s funeral…why?

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consideration the graveness of the disorder, the expected benefits of the treatment and analyse the cost-effectiveness between the two. DBT has the potential to be more cost-effective by adapting and shortening the standard treatment, which ultimately cuts the cost of treatment. Explicitly, the multicomponent nature of DBT should be systematically examined and dismantled to identify which components are sufficient to produce a less intensive but still highly effective treatment. Linehan, et al. (2015) conducted an experiment to evaluate which DBT components are actually necessary to achieve positive outcomes. In particular, she investigated the importance of the skills training component of DBT by comparing three treatment conditions: (1) DBT skills training (DBT-S) that occurs without individual therapy and replaces that with case management; (2) DBT individual therapy (DBT-I) that occurs without without DBT skills training and replaces that with an activity-based support group, and (3) standard DBT which is equipped with all the components of DBT including skills training group and individual therapy. Surprisingly, all three conditions resulted in significantly reduced suicide attempts, suicide ideation, lethality and use of crisis services. Specifically, the DBT-S condition showed greater reduction in frequency of self-harm than the DBT-I condition. Surprisingly, standard DBT did not show a significant difference in effectiveness compared to DBT-S despite the substantial gap in total hours of treatment (average 55.3 hours in standard DBT versus 31.7 hours in DBT-S) (Linehan, et al., 2015). Overall the findings suggest that skills training is a necessary component to achieve optimal outcomes in suicidality and illustrates that well-organised but less intensive DBT treatments are also effective. Moreover, they challenge previous claims that DBT must be employed in its >

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